Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs) provide fast, efficient access for personnel, materials and equipment to the exact position of work on any industrial, construction or renovation project.

The list of benefits is significant compared to traditional access methods and include:

Faster erection and dismantling times. We believe it can be installed up to 80% faster than traditional means such as scaffolding
Minimal Transport required (this resulting in less congestion and lower CO2 emissions)
Less intrusion on tenants living quality (by lowering the platform to ground each night, occupants can enjoy an un-obstructed view from windows)
Better security for tenants as the MCWP is parked at low level and disabled each evening, preventing intruders from using it to access the building
Push button control allows the machine to be driven up and down to the perfect working height. No need to adapt lifts of scaffold to suit different trades. No adaptions required (99% of the time).
Cost savings of between 30-40% against traditional means of access
Access tight areas due to the small, compact and light components that make up the P90 Mini Climber
Fully complies with Work at Height Regulations, Manual Handling and other relevant Health and Safety regulations and legislation

MCWP’s vs Scaffolding – A Direct Comparison
On specific types of application, a direct comparison between Mast Climbing Work Platforms and Scaffolding can be made. By way of example, detailed below is a comparison of cost, productivity and time benefits that have been highlighted with a recent project using our MCWP’s.

Description of Works
We provided the main contractor with safe access to carry out window replacement and concrete repairs to a block of flats measuring 21m x 10m on plan. The height of the block of flats was 12m. One block was accessed via a MCWP, the other via traditional scaffolding.


Given that the job could be completed in less than half the time, we estimate that the total cost savings on MCWP’s over Scaffolding and Hoist was more than 40%.

And we know that on larger projects the speed of erection/ dismantling and ease of onsite adjustments make MCWPs an even more compelling solution.

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