The BFT90 Light Duty MCWP

The BFT90 Mini Climber is the new lightweight MCWP that BFT are pioneering in the UK market.

The light duty Mini Climber means that alongside the medium and heavy duty machines in our fleet, we are able to offer a complete range of mastclimbing solutions.

Much the same as our other MCWP’s, The BFT90 Mini Climber has the potential to be used in many applications from painting and window replacements to brickwork and repairs and can be installed as a single or twin platform. However, given its much smaller size, it is versatile enough to fit into spaces that most machinery will not.

It has a base unit measuring just 900mm x 1000mm so it can be taken through walkways and alleys to help give access in the tightest of areas. Likewise, the compact size and relatively light weight mean it can be loaded up and delivered to site by a pick-up truck or transit van, with only the simple need of a pallet truck to move the base into position.


We believe the BFT90 Mini Climber will be part of the access industry’s continued revolution in the way that we approach industrial construction, renovation and maintenance projects.

With benefits of less transport issues to site, much shorter erection & dismantling times, push button control to reach all areas of the workface, safer and secure tenants as well as being cost effective and aesthetically pleasing, the BFT90 Mini Climber will soon become the industry’s preferred choice.

Who’s the BFT90 Mini Climber for?

As explained above the BFT90 Mini Climber can be used for a variety of different trades and with the ability to be installed up to 20m long x 90m high on a standard mast section carrying a SWL of 1000kg, the machine is capable of carrying out works on the biggest of projects.

But we strongly believe that one of the areas that could benefit most from the use of the BFT90 Mini Climber will be the ‘small works’ construction industry ie projects up to 25 metres high such as low level flat refurbishments, windows replacements, fascia’s, soffits, etc.

The BFT90 Mini Climber’s speed of erection and small size mean it can be installed promptly and with minimal fuss to these types of building in particular compared to traditional scaffolding.

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