Why Mast Climbing Work Platforms?

MCWP’s are an automated access system capable of providing fast, efficient and secure access for personnel and materials to their exact position of work on industrial construction, renovation and maintenance projects.

The larger mastclimbing machines are proven to be very effective for high-rise buildings but BFT’s brand new fleet of ‘Mini Mast Climbers’ can also provide very low-cost and highly efficient access solutions for medium and low-rise projects.

All of our mast climbers benefit from a wide, stable work platform that give space for equipment and tools and provide a safe material handling solution with a high load capacity.

They can be configured as single or twin arrangements and with expert guidance from our skilled estimators, we are able to work with clients on-site to evaluate the most appropriate combination and approach.

We know from first-hand experience that MCWP’s deliver very clear benefits. Not only are they much faster to erect than traditional scaffolding (up to 40 metres per day on average), once in place, they offer the ability to securely carry personnel and loads of up to 5,000kg at speeds of up to 10 metres per minute. Such productivity benefits can make a significant difference to the speed, profitability and safety of almost any project.

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